How engaged is your team?

The Advisory Board engagement survey was administered to all associates in December 2016. If you have a team that reports to you, you will have access to the engagement scores for your team. It will be useful to assess that data and identify category(ies) where your team's score on engagement is low and there is scope for improvement. Use this handbook to engage your team on multiple engagement categories using best practices or applying learning and/or training interventions.

Use the below questions asked in the survey to understand the category(ies) that need(s) improvement:

Overall Engagement Category questions:

1.  I would recommend this organization to my friends as a  great place to work

2. This organization inspires me to perform my best

3. I am likely to be working for this organization three years  from now

4. I am willing to put in a great deal of effort in order to help this organization succeed

Feedback & Recognition Category questions:

1.  I know what is required to perform well in my job

Mission Category questions:

1.  I have a good understanding of the mission and goals of Montefiore

2. At Montefiore we maintain very high standards of quality

Wellness Category questions:

1. Montefiore provides resources that promote personal health and wellness   

among associates


Diversity Category questions:

1. I believe all staff members have an equal opportunity for advancement   regardless of race, religion,  gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic background,   background, national  origin or disability 

Communication & Input Category questions:

1. My manager is open and responsive to staff input 

2. My ideas and suggestions are valued by my organization 

Teamwork Category questions:

1. I receive the necessary support from employees in my unit/department to help   me succeed in my work 

2.  At Montefiore we treat each other with courtesy & respect 

3.  I receive the necessary support from employees in other units/departments to   help me succeed  in my work

Professional Growth Category questions:

1. Training and development opportunities offered by my organization have helped  me to improve 

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