Developing Yourself and Others (for frontline supervisors and managers)

Professional growth and development is key to driving associate engagement, preparing future leaders, retaining talent and ultimately ensuring the success of Montefiore. In this course, leaders are introduced to a practical process to guide their associates’ development-planning efforts. Using various tools including an Individual Development Plan (IDP), participants learn how to assess associates against needed current and future skills to create meaningful development plans.

Program Objectives:

  • Recognize the role of the leader and the team member in development planning and execution.

  • Recognize the importance of development to the success of individuals, teams, and the organization.

  • Use a three-step process—Assess–Acquire–Apply—to identify strengths and growth areas, plan development actions, and successfully implement development plans.

  • Employ a set of best practices to overcome common development barriers and challenges.

  • Measure the effectiveness of their development efforts so they know they are successful.

*Please note, this program can be customized to the specific needs of your team.

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