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If you’re looking for optimal growth and learning in a short amount of time or almost immediately for your team, standard courses are perfect for you. Due to high demand, we’ve recently added many new classes to ensure there’s an option for everyone. Interested in enrolling or learning more about our standard courses? Scroll down for options or get in touch today with one of our team members and we will answer all your questions.

Feedback & Recognition

Standard courses

Performance Management 24/7

This one-day course introduces leaders to a systematic approach to managing the performance of individuals and teams. The program focuses on best practices related to setting clear performance expectations, monitoring associate performance, providing real-time constructive feedback, and holding associates accountable for the completion of tasks and their behavior. Although the course is focused on positive reinforcement techniques, Montefiore’s disciplinary action process is covered. A significant portion of the class is dedicated to the writing and effective delivery of the associate performance appraisal.

At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:
• Set clear, high expectations for staff members
• Proactively provide specific positive and needs improvement feedback to employees using the “behavior” and “impact of that behavior” technique
• Recognize performance “gray areas” and hold staff accountable for inappropriate behavior
• Provide a written performance appraisal that is clear, concise, specific, detailed and constructive
• Differentiate between performance that is “underperforming”, “achieving”, and “exceeding”
• Follow the Montefiore disciplinary action process for both union and non-union associates

Length: 8 hours

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