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If you’re looking for optimal growth and learning in a short amount of time or almost immediately for your team, standard courses are perfect for you. Due to high demand, we’ve recently added many new classes to ensure there’s an option for everyone. Interested in enrolling or learning more about our standard courses? Scroll down for options or get in touch today with one of our team members and we will answer all your questions.


Standard courses

Diversity & Inclusion (Associate Edition)

Diversity and inclusion training plays an important role in establishing an organization’s commitment to a diverse workplace and setting the tone for the corporate culture. To ensure that diversity and inclusion messages are received effectively and that employees and managers embrace training on these topics, it is important to find the right balance between diversity and addressing the legal concerns. The correct balance helps all employees understand the importance of diversity initiatives and the organization’s commitment to fairness and respect.

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Cultural Competency Training

The Cultural Competency Training is an opportunity for staff to learn and practice cultural competency skills that will be beneficial in their daily work caring for patients. 

Multidisciplinary teams, including registration and admitting staff, case managers, nurses, community health workers, patient navigators, dieticians, physical and occupational therapists, transporters, pastoral care staff, social workers, and other staff who interact with patients, are encouraged to attend. The full-day session focuses on addressing race, ethnicity, religion, language, disability, sexual identity, and end-of-life care in a health care setting. Continuing education units are available for nursing and social workers.

Cultural Competency Leadership - BPHC

A culturally competent leader works to achieve and sustain equity in their organization. This requires leadership to take a holistic view to understanding challenges faced by the organization, and the staff. Knowing the history of the community in which they operate, the ways in which structural oppression impacts themselves, their clients, and staff, and how their own institution unwittingly perpetuates this oppression is the first step to making fundamental and lasting change. This course will be an informative and interactive learning experience for leadership and provide them with opportunity to identify action steps toward equity in their organizations.

Length: 3 hours

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